Pog Chest Computer

The context for this device is the comic book series Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire by Phil Foglio. Humanity has attained light-speed technology, and has set up an embassy at the Gallimaufry, a neutral city where the races of the world meet and, hopefully, negotiate a measure of peace among themselves.

Among the various sentient species of the galaxy, some form symbiotic relationships. Two species in particular, humans and pogs, have formed such a complementary relationship that they have agreed to share their embassy in the Gallimaufry.

Pogs, a race of turtle-like, seemingly genderless beings, are the “perfect straight men.” They admire and enjoy humans for their impulsive behavior and ability to do the unexpected. Humans admire the pogs for their near perfect ability to do and enjoy the most tedious work with near perfection.


Oort, a pog working for the embassy, routinely carries around a chest computer while working. Paper still seems to be a common technology, and the positioning of the chest computer seems like it would be in a handy place to scan paper and store information at a moment’s notice. The pogs, only having four fingers, seem to not use keyboards, and the chest computer seems to reflect this with just a few buttons on its face. There seems to be a small screen on the front, but it’s reminiscent of an old-school calculator paper readout like an accountant would use. Pogs do have other computers, presumably with richer displays, so the chest computer seems to be designed as a handy device to complement clerical work over paper documents.



Pog Chest Computer

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