Time Lord Watch

Who Uses It?

The only beings capable of creating and using these watches are the long-lived Time Lords from Doctor Who. The only Time lord that our species has contact with is a renegade Time Lord known to us only as The Doctor.

A few facts about the Doctor:

  1. The Doctor is easily mistaken for a human, but definitely is not.
  2. Though some incarnations appear older than others, the Doctor always has a somewhat ageless appearance, perhaps that of a middle-aged human man. The Doctor’s claims about his actual age seem to vary, but he is at least 400 years old.
  3. The Doctor has two hearts.
  4. The Doctor is in truly excellent physical condition, exceeding that of the healthiest of humans.
  5. Time Lords may be killed, but will regrow their bodies – at least 12 times.
  6. Time Lords are one of the oldest, wisest, and most technically advanced species in the universe.
  7. The Doctor makes his own watches.
  8. Watch_06.jpgThe Doctor seems to care about his physical appearance, and a watch is part of his look. These watches are always lovingly-crafted pieces of intricate form. They generally avoid looking like those digital watches humans still seem to think are a pretty neat idea.
  9. The Doctor is lonely, and always wants to have a companion who is almost always female.
  10. The Doctor seems to live in his TARDIS, which really is a large laboratory.
  11. Time Lords take a strictly neutral role among the species of the universe, but The Doctor is decidedly not neutral and routinely meddles in the affairs of other species.
  12. In some instances, the Doctor, despite his intellect, will forget what an alarm on his watch was set for.
  13. The Doctor, though capable of traveling anywhere in the galaxy, spends a lot of time on Earth.
  14. The Doctor routinely works with U.N.I.T. (UNified/United Nations Intelligence Taskforce), an international military organization tasked with handling paranormal and extraterrestrial activity.
  15. The Doctor’s TARDIS/Lab is capable of traveling through time and space, landing anywhere of the Doctor’s choosing.

Unknowns About the User

  1. How does the Doctor get his materials for a watch? Is there some interstellar emporium where he can buy prefab materials, kind of like we do with Arduino micro controllers? Or does he have contacts throughout the universe that will sell/give him raw materials that he manipulates in the lab?
  2. What time system does he use? He is on earth quite often, but is that the only time system he uses, or is there an interplanetary standard that he uses?
  3. How advanced is the power source technology that he uses? Is it infinite, as it seems, or is there some limit that is unknown? Does the amount of power available vary with the size of object that it’s powering? For example, the TARDIS is larger than a watch.


Task 1: Alarms

Alarms of arbitrary time and location can be set to remind the Doctor of important things.


Setting the alarm will typically take place in a quiet moment when the Doctor has time to think about what he’s doing.

However, when the alarm goes off, the Doctor could be doing just about anything, including getting shot at, or trying to avoid detection. Similarly, the Doctor could be out of doors or in any kind of weather. Most importantly, it is conceivable that the Doctor would be in a situation where an audio alarm is completely obscured by environmental noise.

Steps to Complete

  1. Choose desired epoch, date, and time of alarm. (Invisible in source material)
  2. Choose location of alarm. (Invisible in source material)
  3. Manipulate watch to enter the desired setting. (Invisible in source material)
  4. When alarm sounds, recall what the alarm is for. (Visible in source material)
  5. If alarm purpose…
    1. … is recalled by user, turn off alarm and take appropriate action. (Visible in source material)
    2. … is not recalled by user, set desired amount of time before alarm sounds again. (Visible in source material)


Task 2: Invisibility

The watch can be used to turn the Doctor, or someone who knows how to use the watch, invisible. The effect seems to last for at least several minutes.


One never knows when one needs to quickly be invisible. Typically, it’s a dangerous situation where the Doctor is either expecting to be, or is being shot at by, for example, an extremely dangerous robotic machine of war. For this reason, the invisibility functionality needs to be very quickly accessible. Also, once invisible, there needs to be a safety switch to prevent accidental reappearance.

On the other hand, in situations where the Doctor is walking down the street, it would be very unnerving to passers by to suddenly see him disappear into thin air. For this reason, the invisibility functionality needs to be behind some sort of safety switch that prevents accidental activation.

Steps to complete

  1. Release safety switch. (Invisible in source material)
  2. Trigger the invisibility switch. (Visible in source material)
  3. Safety switch automatically reengages to prevent accidental visibility. (Invisible in source material)
  4.  After…
    1. … the desired time or danger has passed.
      1. Release the safety switch. (Invisible in source material)
      2. Toggle invisibility switch. (Visible in source material)
    2. … the battery powering the invisibility field runs out.
      1. Doctor is hopefully in not too dangerous a situation. (Invisible in source material)



Task 3: Homing

The watch has been used to lead the Doctor to where the TARDIS is located. This at least works when the TARDIS is in the same time period as the Doctor, but it is unknown whether or not the Doctor can find the TARDIS when he is in a different time or on a different planet.


When activating the homing functionality, the Doctor will usually have a quiet moment to set the watch, but it is conceivable that he could be driving, or making a hasty retreat from a dangerous situation.

Steps to complete Task

  1. Press and hold display adjustment button. (Invisible in source material)
  2. Set watch display to homing. (Invisible in source material)
  3. Observe directions given by display until TARDIS is found. (Invisible in source material)
  4. When TARDIS is found, press and hold display adjustment button. (Invisible in source material)
  5. Set watch display to time or other desired display. (Invisible in source material)



Time Lord Watch

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