Inspiration: Marvel

Marvel, much like InVision, is an on line prototyping tool designed to be used by small teams. Team members may upload images, made in 3rd party software, representing screens in the application. Screens can be given hotspots that represent navigations or different screen states. Marvel also has a “Canvas” that provides basic drawing capabilities. The drawing system is powerful enough to draw blocks of colors and place text. Multiple images can be loaded to the canvas to create composites.

Users with a Marvel account can view the prototypes online, or use the Marvel App on either iPhone or Android phones for a more realistic mobile experience.

I had started using InVision for the first round of prototypes for the Medium-Fidelity Mobile project, but ran into problems when I tried to upload images larger than 10MB. I managed to shrink the images I was using enough to upload, and it seemed to work, but the smartphone version didn’t work at all. A few days later, the images wouldn’t appear even on the desktop. Marvel, on the other hand, was not at all squeamish about large images, and has seemed to be more reliable. The mobile app for Marvel doesn’t seem to accept my GIF animations, but I think I can live with that for now, so long as the desktop version does animate.

Inspiration: Marvel

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