Inspiration: Blender Sequencer

I wrote about using Blender a few weeks ago for making images of storyboards, but I was only dimly aware of its video sequencer. I thought I’d try it out for video editing and see if it was much more difficult and involved than using PowerPoint to make the final video for class.

I found this video series on YouTube that walks you through the process, starting with very basic editing, and builds you up to more advanced techniques.

For the storyboards, you simply drag images and audio files to the sequence editor where they appear as strips. Cross fade effects can be made by selecting two overlapping strips and adding an effect strip from the Add menu. More advanced effects are possible, yet relatively easy to use. While PowerPoint was quite easy to develop a video, there is no fast easy way to rearrange the images and audio without re-recording the slide show.

Inspiration: Blender Sequencer

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