Final Video Version 2

Version 1 of the final video worked heavily off of the last story board. I used my own voice in a narrative story approach to the video. The video was made in PowerPoint, and while it was quite simple to use, I found that setting up the proper length to show the slides in time with my voice recordings was difficult to control. My method was to set the audio recording on each slide, which takes more clicks than necessary. Then, I recorded a slide show, manually advancing the slides as I recorded. I’m sure there’s a way to specify exact timing for each slide.

For version 2, I dispensed with PowerPoint, and sequenced the video in Blender, where I’d already made the slides. From what I’ve seen of iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, the interface is similar, but offers more control of effects like crossfades. It was relatively easy to use, and it took about the same amount of time to make as it did in PowerPoint.

Final Video Version 2

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