Final Video Version 3

I posted version 2 of this video on Mechanical Turk for feedback. The watch functionality explanations seemed to be mostly clear, though the idea that the blue TARDIS indicator moves like a compass pointer was missed by more than one viewer. The almost unanimous confusing point in the video was the back story. I’d mostly borrowed the story from an 1970s era Doctor Who episode, “Spearhead from Space”, where I’d found the homing functionality of the Doctor’s watch. The story was a bit confusing to me, too, and I only found out what exactly happened by reading about Doctor Who elsewhere. While I tried to explain what was going on, the storytelling was still confusing, especially to those who weren’t familiar with the character.

Given that the story really doesn’t add anything at all to explaining the functionality of the watch, I completely removed the back story from version 3 of the video. Instead, I took the approach of explaining how the Doctor seems to never get lost, and always knows how to find his way back to the TARDIS. It seemed to solve a mystery to viewers, rather than create more confusing story points. The video is still too short, so I’ll add add the alarm functionality to the final video, taking the same explanatory approach, while detailing how the Doctor uses it.

Final Video Version 3

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